Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Yeah that’s me, jumping and singing in Spain

I’m Erik, 21 years old and an adventurous hatlover.

My little home is in Worms, Germany, but part time I’m exploring new cultures.

I love to sleep in cheap hostels, to drink wine with strangers, to dance in the moonlight, to sing under the shower, to cuddle my sweet kitty and to run into the sea.

And to eat mango – chocolate ice, oh yesss!

If I need a break I drink a Latte Macchiato sitting in a vintage cafe and watching people living their lives.

Shortly after the 10 year old me canceled the dream to become a rockstar I decided to take photos from people all over the world.


Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee
Maybe you’re the next one?
Erik Winter Hochzeitsfotograf